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Home Valuation

If you or someone you know fits these descriptions, a large income stream is available to you.

Need to cover the next mortgage payment? Seasonal snowbird? SFR Landlord with openings in the summer? Developer with a ready but vacant home for sale? Expertly designed furnished home? Real estate agent representing buyers?

Introduce yourselves to a new world of business. No long term obligations. 

We serve the following Los Angeles County towns: Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Venice, Culver City, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica.

We firmly believe every upscale home in Los Angeles will one day be available for rent seasonally, weekly, weekends, and much more.

We would like to be that market leader for residential "Vacation" Rental Property Management in Los Angeles. 

Led by Jordan Pollack, our experienced Los Angeles vacation rental management team works all day long to get you more bookings, at better prices, while managing every part of the reservation from guest check in to the exit cleaning.


Daily optimization: This means prices for your property will adjust every day.  A price may move down as an open date gets closer and remains unbooked.  The software will start to lower the price (never going below the minimum) in order to appear more attractive for potential travelers. 

When does Dynamic Pricing become useful?  

Well, just about always.  But certainly when going live with a listing.  Why? When a property has no reviews, or guest stays, the online platforms interpret that as a negative for search rank result purposes.  To be effective, pricing should be composed of a base rate, a minimum rate, a maximum rate, a discount strategy, and availability settings.  

Minimum Rate: This would be the rate that can be set with LA Luxuries and owner input and price per night will as determined by the software will never fall below this amount.  

Base Rate: This is the rate in which the software will base from (going both up and down). Price will base up for peak seasons, special events, holidays, and any surge in inquiry & booking activity for your home, nearby homes, hotels and other properties we manage.

Management Onboarding




Why do we ask for a fee upfront? For clients who have never had their home listed online (or, who already are listed), we will work to bring your listing live and within our platform and pricing software.  We will devote time to preparing you (including a meet up of the property by our staff, unlimited phone time consulting regarding the online and onsite listing and management process including addressing all questions, inquiries, concerns you might have, preparing your home including professional photography, cleaning, assisting with orderings of linens/towels if necessary, e.g.) and preparing you on a higher level regarding (transient occupancy taxes, insurance, licenses, permits as needed) prior to any reservations beginning. We also have found that clients that are even nominally invested in this enterprise with us are more successful and committed to providing the best guest experience possible. 


  • Marketing & advertising your home

  • Online listing expertise & oversight

  • Respond to all booking inquiries

  • Guest verification prior to booking

  • Manage contracts, deposits, and fee collection

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • 24/7 Guest & Prop availability

  • Local Staff

  • Purchase & Restock of household supplies*

  • Maintenance oversight and management**

  • Guest exit cleaning

  • Post stay major incident evaluation

  • Damage claim filing

  • Unlimited owner use of home

  • Basic onboarding support to bring the home to rental ready status

  • Professional photography

  • TOT permit, collect/remit (monthly)

*Cost of household supplies covered by Owner.
**Cost of labor, parts, material to be paid by Owner.

Please note: Any already existing bookings requiring an LA Luxuries cleaning, shall be performed at our price structure and LA Luxuries is not restricted to the price already charged by the Owner to the Guest.

Design, Staging and Onboarding


Interior Design & Delivery. This service includes arranging everything from determining the look & feel of each room, furnishings, contracting the right designers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, electricians, etc. This involves a combination of our staff and designer on site work.

*Please note: We do not purchase furnishings without a full pre paid deposit by Client in advance.

Outdoor area includes setting up of landscape design or drawings of plantings, trees, eg. Outdoor area refers to the staging and design for seating, lounging, entertaining based upon the existing hard and soft scape.

Retainer & Remainder: When you pay for this service, you are paying an upfront retainer. Upon dialogue and discussion and based on your budget, an additional amount may be due such that the Design Fee includes an additional amount.

Guidance, Positioning and ROI Analysis



Our consultation is ideal for those evaluating a new investment opportunity or exploring turning their current home into a short term & vacation rental business. This service provides counsel and guidance on various elements such as pricing, ADR (average daily rate), income and expense evaluation, occupancy, comparable home data, ROI expectations, transient tax, insurance, regulatory climate, and investability parameters.

  • We provide a nuts & bolts analysis (25-50pg report) which is a customized report to your property/prospective property.

  • FOCUS AREAS: Price, Occupancy, Seasonality, Rental Demand, Revenue Growth, Investability, Regulatory Environment

  • We rely on a ping of 5MM vacation rental listings around the world and look for changes to calendar availability over the next year.

  • We rely on recorded any calendar changes and key characteristics such as length of stay, booking lead time, booking history, reviews, host response rates, and more.

  • We rely on proprietary algorithms analytics of every new set of unavailable calendar days to determine whether the dates are a reservation or blocked by the owner. 

  • We rely on recordings of each unique reservation and determine the value of each reservation using the rates that were available the day before the booking was made.

  • This report is strictly limited to (1) property (either acquisition of a new property, or evaluation of an existing property).

  • Following the report, we arrange a 30 minute (by phone) question and answer session for discussion.

  • Please allow 7-10 business days for the completion of the report.

Seasonal Property Inspection

Annual = performed 1x / 12 months, for 12 months - $300

Semi Annual = performed 1x / 6 months, for 12 months - $500

Quarterly = performed 1x / 3 months, for 12 months - $800

Monthly = performed 1x / month, for 12 months - $2,000

Peace of Mind is the primary benefit of our Vacation or Vacant Property Inspection Service. Whether your home is frequently occupied or has been sitting unoccupied due to seasonality, we provide you with the information you need to protect your investment.  We will check your property on a quarterly basis and run a thorough inspection on both interior, exterior, mechanical and some customizable checks.

Our fee includes a thorough inspection on the following items:

  • Visual damage check of entire property and landscaping;
  • Check security on all windows and doors;
  • Check water valves and plumbing for leaks and drips;
  • Check heating and cooling for appropriate seasonal settings;
  • Interior ceiling, wall and floor inspection for water damage;
  • Roof, decks and patio inspections monitoring;
  • Smoke, carbon, alarm, thermostat checks
  • Check refrigerators and freezers for proper temperature;
  • Check electrical system, reset breakers and timers;
  • Monitoring and assisting with trash service.
  • Sprinkler, lights and tree/hedges
  • Entrance areas
  • Kitchen appliance, counter tops, water, electrical/outlets
  • Living/Dining/Common areas; electrical, mechanical, furniture, A/V
  • Bathrooms: electrical, mechanical, tile, vent and A/C, water
  • Bedrooms: electrical, mechanical, furnishings, vents and A/C, paint, locks, closets
  • Backyard: lights, pool/spa, trees/plants/hedges, general condition, safety, BBQ, fire feature, amenities, seating
  • Hot water heater, HVAC
  • Owner customizable

We will immediately notify you of any problems and give updates of our findings after each visit. Should you elect to move forward with any repairs or replacements we can provide a follow up proposal.

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