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The name LA Luxuries is synonymous with luxury real estate agency and management. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, it is the top Vacation Home Agency & Management in Los Angeles County. Indeed, the privately-held company has built a reputation for renting the most distinctive properties and estates on earth.

Founded by Jordan Pollack, the business has remained privately-held, steadfastly independent and unfettered by investors or outside shareholders. The firm maintains relationships with Luxury properties, services, events, agents, and property owners. This allows LA Luxuries a unique position as a powerhouse boutique with a presence in all major luxury sectors offering direct real estate transactions.

For Los Angeles with its global outreach and show business panache, the idea of an elite local business serving the city’s most distinguished and influential residents offers a special allure. LA Luxuries provides an unwavering commitment to character, integrity and proficiency. Clients receive personalized service combined with the best of the industry’s evolving tools and technology. 

Iconic properties help paint a picture of the region’s history and growth. LA Luxuries has dominated when it comes to representing noteworthy estates, but LA Luxuries doesn’t rest on past laurels. Its success speaks to consistent dedication and effort, and understanding the client's’ priorities and wishes. LA Luxuries has an award-winning marketing team that is second to none, as well as event planners, service providers, and luxury vendors. This results in knowledge and access to numerous off-market properties, accounting for about 47% of our portfolio luxuries, as a total of 900 homes grace our portfolio. While other agencies fixate on expansion and franchising, LA Luxuries remains committed to raising the bar for personal service and providing an in-depth expertise that no one else can match. 

Success is a team effort at LA Luxuries. The company places a premium on selecting properties who share the culture of continuous improvement and synchronicity. LA Luxuries thrives in a collaborative environment in which skill sets, spheres of influence, accountability and open dialogue come together to serve the greater good of the client. 

LA Luxuries is deeply committed to making a difference. A dedication to service and socially responsible causes are crucial to its culture. As the company moves forward in the 21st century it will continue to provide an exemplary lifestyle experience for clients while being caring stewards of the community on whole.


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